Escort services are mostly provided by the females to satisfy the needs of the males

The escort female is generally known as call girl, either they work on streets and invites/attracts the males or they are hired by the escort agencies to provide the services. While on the streets the call girls don’t disclose their profession and hunt for the customers. This is an extremely harsh profession, no girl adopt this profession willingly. The call girls provide these services in order to survive in this cruel society. According to a survey 99.9% girls in this profession provide the sexual services in order to earn money and there is no other work they are liable to do,says

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On the other hand males also provide the escort services through escort agencies. Like females they don’t hunt for customers. Even the natural rules are not followed, some time female provides escort services to female and male provides to male. According to a survey male provides escort services mostly just for fun or as a part time business. The rules for providing these services are varied from country to country. In some countries it’s illegal and in others it’s legal. According to the natural rules these services are illegal and allowed to have sexual satisfaction only from the bonded partners.


Mostly the call girls work individually instead of working with agencies and are mostly illiterate. While the call girls that provide escort services through the escort agencies are educated, civilized and provides services at high cost. Most of the agencies claim that the escort girls are asked to provide just social conversation instead of sexual satisfaction. The reality is that every male that want to have escort services is just for sexual satisfaction. According to the prostitution law in most countries to have escort services for sexual needs no one is allowed to make the payment. The escort agents are selected through the advertisements in magazines and news papers by the escort agencies and the age, figure and interest are recorded and then presented in front of the customer to have the best match according to the customer’s requirements.


The escort services are legal in most of the countries through the escort agencies as they mention in the contract with the government that the escort services will be provided only for the social conversation. While the prostitution is illegal in almost every country as these services are for the sexual satisfaction of an individual. But in actual mostly the escort services are being used as the sexual satisfaction through paying extra charges. If the escort services are used as for example, in dance bars to dance with a woman, on business trip for mind satisfaction and for social conversation then these escort services are purely legal. If the escort services are used for the sexual satisfaction then it is illegal in every country. All the countries allow sexual satisfaction after having a natural bond in the form of marriage else it will be illegal and have to face the gallows according to the rules of the country.