The best pleasure you could ever give to the ones you love


Since most women get intense sexual pleasure from oral sex, it is time you learnt how to do it well. After a good session of cunnilingus, she will not think of anything apart from your lips on her. Going down on her should be the main event and not just part of foreplay from Belgravia escorts from Play with her and show her that you are the mastermind when it comes to her pleasure.

Start slow and warm her up

Do not just remove her panty and quickly put your mouth in her. Women like a little tease and gradual progress. You can choose to kiss your way down from her lips to her inner thighs first or simply start with the thighs. Tease her gently and breathe against her genitalia. Let her know what you want to do but tease her and make anticipate.

Concentrate on her entire genitalia

The woman’s genital organs are her primary source of pleasure. Do not ignore some parts and concentrate on others. Make sure that you alternate between her labia and clitoris often while slightly applying more pressure with time. When you approach the clitoris, start licking slowly because it is so sensitive. If you are not sure of the motions to follow, just follow the alphabets. Direct your tongue like you are using it to write the alphabet on her. The alternating movements will make her squirm in pleasure and beg you for more.

Suck on her clitoris

With time, she will become more aroused and her clitoris will swell and become darker. You can then gently start sucking on it and nibbling it gently. Remember the key word here is gentle. Tap and brush your tongue over the clitoris and alternate sucking with licking every few seconds.

Use your fingers

Just because it is oral sex, doesn’t mean other parts should not be included. When sucking and nibbling, insert one finger in her and you will see her gasping in pleasure. The double pleasure from her clitoral stimulation and penetration will drive her crazy.

Be keen

In any sexual act, it is important that you are very keen to body language and sounds. When she moans it means she likes what you are doing. You can either maintain it or take it a notch higher. Whether you are having sex with Belgravia escorts or your girlfriend, all women like to make sounds. These sounds are your guidelines; use them to know when to continue and when to stop. Increase the pace of your movements with time and see what she likes. You can even ask her what she wants you to do.

Talk to her

Tell her how nice she smells, how tasty she is and how much you love going down on her. The words will show her how much you want to pleasure her and this will make her orgasms even more intense. Make her your queen or sex slave for the night by driving her crazy with your lips says Belgravia escorts.