The one night stands fondness


I remember some of my one night stands with fondness but now they seem to have got out of fashion. I was having coffee with some of my Woodley escorts friends the other day, and we ended up talking about some of the one nights stand that we had enjoyed. It was funny, and we ended up laughing a lot. However, a couple of my younger Woodley escorts from pointed out that one nights stands are not done any more, and I must admit I was a bit taken back. What has happened to good old fashioned one night stands?



When I was younger it was much easier to trust people, and you could easily enjoy a one night stand as long as you used condoms. But now things have changed, and like my younger Woodley escorts friends pointed out, there is more to one night stands that sexual health. All of the Woodley escorts did say that they used condoms when dating new sexy boyfriends, but none of them do why night stands. It is simply too risky, and you never know who you are going to meet. None of the ladies would go back to a guy’s home or apartment these days, they simply do not trust strangers.




I soon realized that my younger Woodley escorts friend were right. It is a brave new world out there, and it is difficult to trust people. Sexual health is indeed one thing, but you are also likely to meet someone who might want to hurt you. I fully appreciate why Woodley escorts feel the way they do, and that there is a lot of strange people out there. For instance, when I was dating, there wasn’t such a thing as date rape drugs or many of the new exotic drugs that we have today.




Mental health is a big issue today as well. There are a lot of young people who need help with their mental health but yet there are very few resources for them. I am not saying that they are dangerous, but like some of the Woodley escorts pointed out, many of them are less aware of personal integrity. Some people with mental health issues do not respect others, and this may mean your own personal space such as your body. Woodley escorts were quick to point out that many of the sufferers of some disorders can be potentially dangerous, and we need to be aware. Well, life has certainly changed a lot since I dated and it makes me wonder if the youth of today are ever going to be able to hook up with each other. Is the next generation doomed to date over the Internet, and should we even be careful with the people we call our friends. I am glad that I have my Woodley escorts friends but I wonder how easy it will be to make new friends, or find new lovers, in our future brave new world.