There Is No Limit To Sexual Satisfaction

leryn-franco-hot-female-athletes (1)The scope, depth, and range of human sexuality are utterly amazing. In fact, it is so diverse and mystifying that even scientists do not fully understand what it means. For example, it is not yet 100% clear why the female orgasm exists. There are plenty of convincing theories, but no single consensus as to why women (on evolutionary and biological terms) get to have as much fun as the guys.

We are the only species on the planet that takes full awareness and pleasure in its orgasms and one of only a tiny handful of species which have sexual intercourse for pleasure. You only have to think about the way in which we have dominated and mastered procreation to realize just how complex and wonderful human sexuality can be.

The Vastness of Human Sexuality

We have turned the basic need to eat into the art of cooking. We have turned the basic need for warmth and protection into the art of fashion. We have turned the basic urge to procreate into the art of sexuality. Whilst society can be an extremely confusing place – on the one hand, it bombards us with sexual imagery, but on the other, it punishes anybody who strays from the sexual norm – the reality is that sexual quirks, desires, fetishes, and turns on are incredibly varied.

If you are of the opinion, like many these days, that as long as the act is consensual and does not cause unwanted harm to another human being, your particular sexual quirk should be explored with enthusiasm and vigor, you might have already done a little bit of research. With phenomena like the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise whipping up a storm with suburban housewives, even things like hardcore S&M are not all that shocking anymore.

Running the Gamut of Sexual Proclivities

There are women who prefer shower heads to penises, who are experienced in the ‘art’ they could list their favorite models for you. There are men who love nothing more than to be smothered and suffocated by the biggest women that they can find. There are people who get off on making amateur porn films, couples who like to swing, guys and girls who love sex in cars, and others who shiver with excitement at a woman in stockings and high heels.

The bottom line is that the world is a very big place. It does not matter how odd or weird your particular sexual quirk happens to be, because there are whole communities out there who share your interest. If you still cannot help but feel uncomfortable or ashamed of a (perfectly legal) turn on, the first step is to seek out information. Once you know that you are not the only one, you will start to feel much better about your fetish.

Learning To Always Be Yourself

You might get excited watching women wrestling in paddling pools filled with jelly. You might love women who have sex with men whilst wearing strap on dildos. You could even get your rocks off on the idea of water sports. The truth is that as long as you are obeying the law and everybody involved is having a wonderful time, there is no reason to live in the sexual shadows. For more pleasure visit at